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Saturday, 15 March 2014 09:30
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  • Lincalis

    I'm sure Netsfan3 will remember. What was player's name that won both $$ and wins last year?
    They were awesome. In this year?

    netsfan3 I hate to burst ITCHYONE'S BUBBLE. But, almost no one actually agreed with his idea that FAST was just some extremely lucky guy. I spend much time on TWITTER discussing horse racing. Not a day goes by that others don't mention Navarro, Servis , and others drugging horses. I have never encountered anyone who actually thinks that inside information is not possible or valuable. Yes, it is very similar to the present political situation. Mueller writes in a report to Congress "I can't prosecute or exonerate the President on obstruction of justice charges." Fox News takes that to mean totally exoneration. Easy solution. Mueller should be called to testify and clarify what he means. By the way. Most contests do give the actual names, and addresses of winners of a contest. Other contestants should be able to check to see if the winners are actual real persons. In reality, the rules are cockeyed in these contests. A person working in the stable can actually legally participate in the contest. While a hot dog vendor in the track is against the rules to enter. GO FIGURE.
    14 minutes ago
  • Lincalis
    2 days ago

    Wow... Paint race had a bomb. 2 favorites didnt show just a 4th for the 3. Maybe tomorrow get somethin right!

    meanmistermustard Love me some paints!
    yesterday 1