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  • Ace The Test
    2 weeks ago

    I thought I would like these 12 horse fields, but they are demolition derbies. 3/14 race 8, #12 lugs in under a right hand whip and causes severe interference to 4 rivals, as Gonzo Gutierrez displays the form that allowed him to somehow finish 16th in the standings last year when he had the most mounts of any rider. Not even an inquiry.

    Ace The Test I felt like some nights it has been merely somewhat preferable to be drawn inside, and other nights its been very difficult to win when drawn outside. On the days when they run 2yo trials it can be hard to gauge the bias because (a) no one has any established form and (b) there is a wide disparity in the quality of the horses in each trial - some will go on to be stakes runners while others will never break their maidens. So when they aren't very evenly matched, the better horses can overcome a path bias pretty easily. So I am generally in agreement with you but I want to see another week of racing to be sure.

    I'm a little puzzled by some of the short fields we have been seeing. RP never has trouble getting full fields, and some of the fields that went with 6 or 7 horses were OK bred races with great purses. All the big barns from last year have returned except Fernando Carrete/Juventino Ruiz (no one misses them) but i wonder if some outfits have cut back on their RP division based on some new rules. But the short fields kinda eliminates the possible problem with the outside of the track.

    GL to you as well.
    7 days ago