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Thursday, 10 January 2013 20:16
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4 weeks ago
  • bellesforever
    8 months ago

    Good luck tonight Your picks have been confirmed and emailed to you!
    Your confirmation number is: 2600280

    Race 8: 5 Baja Jessy (15%)
    Race 9: 2 Racy Secret (3%)
    Race 11: 9 The Red Rocket (11%)

    bellesforever The Red Rocket didn't fire tonight for us sorry your LS scratched we're getting down to the wire now all longshots tomorrow night!
    8 months ago
  • bellesforever
    8 months ago

    I couldn't get on this morning

    Fuzzypants That's why I always at least do the 123 option when make picks comes up then I try to go back and read the past performance and make my picks then the morning of races I check for scratches and up dates to try and edit my picks .
    8 months ago 3
  • bellesforever
    9 months ago

    There is something wrong I keep getting signed out even to post here if it takes more than a few seconds didn't record all three of my picks the other night good luck! 4/6/6

    Itchyone Crazy to say the least
    9 months ago 2
  • bellesforever
    10 months ago

    5/6/4 good luck!

    meanmistermustard Finally an agreement
    10 months ago 1