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  • Pogieman421
    7 months ago

    U might be losing it first u got wrong brother I have a son and daughter but they are little u must be thinking Phil second since ur post the leader still has 43 wins he hasn’t won u don’t get paid for seconds and thirds when u place a win bet . and his lead is down to 4 still might be good enough but fac3 it u cursed him.

    netsfan3 His lead has been 4 for quite a while. Yes, I thought you were married to TWEETYBIRD714. Or, Betty and Skinhead. I happen to know from a good source, that the whole pack of you really voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Thundermountain told me all the brothers really want Elizabeth Warren in 2020. Trump should be in pinstripes by then. It will make him look thinner.
    7 months ago 1
  • Pogieman421
    7 months ago

    Talk about the kiss of death since someone accused rufftraffic of being privy to inside info he hasn’t won a race. I think the fella even said he was gonna bet rufftraffic horses lol

    Itchyone In Hawaii we call that ba-chee that's not good
    6 months ago 1